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“I love it! This book is exceedingly well written. The writing style is perfect for revealing insights and lessons learned from a lean journey. I like the reflections at the end—a nice way to share overall lessons learned. The use of language and examples of lean (with supporting illustrations) are very well done. People new to the lean journey will feel empowered with the simplicity of these concepts. This book deserves a big audience!”

—Mike Morrison, Founder of the University of Toyota


“This book is more than inspiration on your journey to implement continuous improvement. It also gives you valuable methods that can easily be applied and understood by everyone. It is the most valuable and lean book I have read about lean and will help any organization to become the best in the world.”

—Göran Martinsson, Continuous Improvement Manager, IKEA


“Using a story he lived through Joakim vividly brings to life for us the transformation from a mediocre top-down organization depending on a few internal experts for its survival to a high performance organization of empowered employees engaged in continuous improvement.”

Jeffrey Liker, bestselling author of The Toyota Way


“Everyone who wants to improve should read and keep this book on their desktop. It is entertaining and shows that it does not have to be difficult to create an improvement culture. I should warn you, though, when you are done reading it you will not be able to think of anything else than your next improvement project.”

—Patrik Färdow, CEO, G4S Cash Solutions Sweden


“Follow Joakim’s recommendations, simplicity is key, do your improvement work this way to deliver world-class results. Quantity gives quality—the best ideas really come from a high number of ideas—which really has been proven at Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden during our improvement journey.”

—Anna Greisz, Operations Director Supply Chain, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden


How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement is a little gem with a large content! It defines why simplicity is of virtue for continuous improvement; even the book itself is a good practice of this with its easy-to-understand language and straightforward message. Being an engaging book that everybody can read and find useful regardless of experience, it is one of very few that actually delivers what it promotes. Unlike many other books on this subject, you only have to read it once because it sticks. Its reflecting short story format is appealing and easy to relate to, with a profound content that definitely grows on you and that you will continue to explore long after as if it were one of your own experiences.”

—Johan Valett, Vice President Haldex Way, Haldex


“Reading How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement is getting access to a journey of insight. From realizing the importance of knowing where you are and getting effective tools to change to, finally, understanding how something as elusive as company culture can be approached on a deeper level.”

—Henrik Fellesson, Group Controller, Scania


“Continuous improvement is about learning and improving as soon as you get the opportunity to do so—the one ability to focus on if you want to build a creative organizational culture. This book encapsulates the essence of how well-managed companies achieve astonishing results through people, and it is truly a must-read for managers and employees in both manufacturing and service organizations.”

—Katalin Paldeak Pålsson, Vice President, Clarion Hotels


“This book is a must-have for both managers and employees in companies wanting to succeed with continuous improvements. Joakim tells his story in a way that makes it easy to understand and adapt the work procedures, even for beginners. How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement has been the key inspiration helping us achieve world-class results through continuous improvements at Solid Park.”

—Johan Åkerlund, CEO, Solid Park


“Who does not want to become best in the world? Joakim Ahlström provides you with his insights on how continuous improvements can be the starting point for a cultural change that involves everyone in your organization. However, the book also shows how leaders need to stop providing solutions and answers to make the cultural change happen. The role of the leader is to build trust, tell engaging stories about the future, and ask the whys. Follow Joakim’s advice and keep it simple if you want to succeed!”

—Kirsti Gjellan, Managing Director, Pfizer Health


“I was thrilled all the way while reading this book. It is a great work on continuous improvement that we will definitely use to train all our employees.”

—Karunagaran Krishnan, Operations Director, Camfil Farr Malaysia


How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement gives you a practical and straightforward approach to creating widespread commitment to continuous improvement. Within Assa Abloy we have used it to train and involve our employees in turning problems into improvements. I recommend How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement to anyone who needs a fast and inspiring introduction to continuous improvement.”

—Janne Lundberg, Global Lean Innovation Manager, Assa Abloy


How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement has given us a lot of inspiration in our improvement work! This easy-to-read book does not only show how improvement work can and should be common knowledge in an organization but also how it can become a fundamental part of the company culture. This book is a step-by-step guide to implement an improvement culture in an organization. The author, Joakim Ahlström, gives inspiring examples that make it almost impossible to stop reading the book before you are done.”

—Anders Persson, Operations Development Manager, Ericsson


“This succinct book packs an enormous amount of wisdom and experience into an entertaining fast read. It gives a clear road map for any leader to implement a strong continuous improvement program in his or her unit. Highly recommended!”

—Alan G. Robinson, Professor of Management, University of Massachusetts and author of The Idea-Driven Organization and Ideas Are Free


How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement is the perfect book to use in workgroups—especially those that need a kick start in their improvement work and problem solving. The author leads us through an easy-to-read story that provides very powerful tools and practical methods. I have had excellent experiences using this book and the effective concepts it provides.”

—Mats Karlström, Lean Director, Saab Aerostructures


“A small book packed with big ideas. Highly practical, immensely relevant, and a great read!”

—Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle, ranked as one of the top 50 business thinkers globally and author of Funky Business and Karaoke Capitalism


“Simplicity is the essence of this great book. Joakim Ahlström delivers a straightforward and simple approach to support your work with continuous improvement that creates significant result and dedicated coworkers.”

—Ronny Ålund, Productivity Management, Volvo CE


“Joakim Ahlström has written a wonderful book about continuous improvement in organizations. It is well written, easy to read, filled with excellent examples, great anecdotes, and quotes as well as several hands-on exercises. If you only plan to read one change management book this year, then this is the book you should read.”

—Dag Näslund, Professor of Management, University of North Florida


How to Succeed with Continuous Improvement demonstrates that continuous improvement can be very simple. With great success, we use tools and methods from the book to create energy and persistence in our effort to develop our business.”

—Joakim Danielsson, Business Improvement Leader, Bombardier Transportation Sweden


“Just do it! Most of the time there are many excuses about why not to start improving right away. This book eliminates them all by showing how easy it is. Joakim captures it all when he asks where am I, where do I want to go, and how do I get there? So, if you are serious about improving, just start and learn while you improve. And if you get stuck—go back and read the book again.”

—Peter Palmér, Senior Manager Process Support, Scania


“A great book that covers all critical elements of idea management in an entertaining story.”

—Dean M. Schroeder, Professor of Management, Valparaiso University and author of The Idea-Driven Organization and Ideas Are Free


“The inspiration and easy-to-use tools Joakim and this book have given us have taken our work with continuous improvement to a higher level.”

—Annika Mattsson, Finance Services Manager, IKEA


“This is an amusing and amazing guide in lean principles, with simple tools for simplifications. It’s the perfect gift to your colleagues for your joint trip from good to great!”

—Susanne Schipper, Continuous Improvement Coach, AstraZeneca

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